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"You can't lord me, but you can travel along"

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up to 40 Hours of Battery

Stay connected as long as you want with rapid charge and activity control


Swipe, move, and speak fast and easily with comfortable touch controls

quality sound and tone

Amazing sound and beats. A new sound experience you never had before

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VIBREL V3 PRO offers you state-of-the-art sound technology with complete rhythm control. The headphone’s structure will enhance the way you hear and feel the music, with no boundaries.


“Balans vinden tussen mijn jobs als dierenarts en kunstenaar was altijd een droom van mij. Vandaag de dag ben ik naast paarden arts ook aquarel kunstenares in opdracht. Ik ben enorm dankbaar dat ik een manier heb gevonden om mijn 2 levensdoelen te combineren in 1 passie voor paarden.”
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New VIBREL V3 PRO price $239

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